You’re Favorite Stoners Lord Trippy & Tawobi are Back with “Still Smokin in the Baffroom”

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The deluxe version of 2021’s cannabis collaboration ‘Who’s Smoking in the Baffroom’ is the next step in evolution for what may be a yearly holiday series. 8 New tracks to get smacked to and they’re definitely not the resin left over from the last bong pack. This is all new flower.

‘Still Smokin’ in the Baffroom’ hits hard out the gate with ‘Ghost of Tsushima’ kicked off by a familiar voice, Tommy Chong from ‘Cheech and Chong’ announcing the return of the kush cohorts for another holiday of doinks and debauchery. The sound has changed though, the high more intense. There’s no hook just rapping. The closest we get is Tawobi coming in with a sung bridge before he goes on a barrage of bars that ends with maybe the best line on the project ‘But back to the paper. Money need to turn on its location so I can find some later’. What follows is a guessing game of ‘what are they gonna do next?’ The beat to the second Hashland produced record off the project ‘Thats It’ sounds like a revamped modern version of ‘This is why I’m hot’ but instead of Mim’s rapping its Wobi singing his little heart out about how he’s too high and Trip transforming into the Based Basement Bastard repeating ‘thats it’ in as many different ways as humanly possible. It sounds extra crazy in headphones. There were definitely some chocolates in the studio during this session. The next record ‘Green’ is the kick off to a 3 track back to back run of Brandon Clarke production. Tawobi is introduced on this track by not just Tommy Chong but Jason Mewes of ‘Jay and Silent Bob’. Wobi is a obvious Kevin Smith fan not only because the end of his verse is a nod to a song sung by Jay in Clerks but he has Mewes along with Tommy doing DJ Drama style drops throughout the new records on the deluxe. The next record “Gas” has my personal favorite Trippy verse on the project. This one is structurally similar to ‘Ghost of Tsushima’ as Wobi once again comes in with a sung bridge how ever this one is chilly, tender and emotional. “Cash App” has maybe Wobi’s most pop centric hook to date even more so than ’20XR’s ‘Vacation’. If you thought Wobi slipped on this record and went too pop he makes sure to come right back and remind you that he’s in his bag with the bars and they’re better than yours with well ‘In My Bag’. It’s one of my personal favorites. The second to last song. Is… a statement to say the least. Another Brandon Clarke produced track ‘Fuck Silk Sonic’ is a Frankenstein’s monster of a funk record and proof that Wobi wasn’t name dropping funk legends for no reason on ‘Green’. Jason Mewes leads us out of the peak of our high into the last record ‘Might be’, the 808 heavy reference to the infamous Gucci Mane quote ‘Bitch I might be’ knocks, its fun and funny with Wobi doing his best Oj the Juiceman impression throughout. The end of ‘Might Be’ comes to a close with Wobi making a grandiose statement that though funny by the end is felt. ‘They all got know that Wobi genius from Philly all way to Pheonix. Shouts out to the people that streamed this if you didn’t….’. Well, I’ll let you listen to the rest. ‘Still Smoking in the Baffroom’ out everywhere 4/20/22. 

Ghosts of Tsushima Featuring Hashland (Produced by Hashland)
That’s It (Produced By Hashland)
Green (Produced by Brandon Clarke)
Gas (Produced by Brandon Clarke)
Cash App (Produced by Brandon Clarke)
In My Bag (Produced by NothingSpecial)
Fuck Silk Sonic (Produced by Brandon Clarke)
Might Be (Produced by Brandon Clarke)

Mixed by Justin Miller
Mastered by Ryan Schwabe