Moses Mosima is Back with New Visual Album “Cul De Sac”

Cul De Sac Cover
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Cul De Sac Cover

Hailing from Philadelphia, vocalist Moses Mosima has slowly but surely carved his place among the crop of artists to watch. Utilizing notions such as heartbreak and self-love, he takes these topics and spins them in a relatable way that endears himself to listeners of all backgrounds. Looking to take a step further in his progression, he checks in with his impressive new project, Cul De Sac.

As mentioned, Cul De Sac draws heavily from the experiences of Moses, but also infuses vague experiences that can be applied to almost everybody. In doing this, the songwriting of each track does a wonderful job of endearing the listener almost immediately, allowing for appreciation of other things such as production and vocals on subsequent listens. Another impressive quality about the project is the fact that it was completely produced by Moses himself.

Utilizing acoustic guitar riffs to buoy the production, the minimalistic vibe of each song clears the way for Moses to showcases his wonderful vocal range. Notable tracks on the project include, “Full Bloom,” a thought provoking record about evolving, “Paraphernalia” one of the more upbeat records on the project and “Cul De Sac.” Serving as the project’s lead single and de-facto standout, the latter takes all of the aforementioned qualities and tyes them into one package, creating the perfect song to play for your friends to put them on. 

-Ashton Howard, Earmilk

“Cul De Sac” is accompanied by music videos for every song on the album. Click above to watch the full Visual Album.