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Philly’s Lord Trippy is here with his debut commercial project. TRIPPY BOOMIN is entirely produced by Matti Boomin and features the likes of Shaq G, Tawobi, and Journell Pierre. Lord Trippy, along with Tawobi, are apart of the Highest Basement Collective. Fellow HBC member Moses Mosima contributes backing vocals on track eleven, “Enable Me.” TRIPPY BOOMIN was mixed and mastered by Justin Miller aka Slow Wave Audio and was executive produced by RileyofHBC aka Riley Polis. Even with a tracklist of thirteen songs, the run time still sits at under half an hour, yet each song presents the energy that Lord Trippy was trying to exclaim. Of the thirteen tracks, the singles “Bet” and “Obama (Forty Four)” are featured. “Bet” is from February of this year, while the latter track is over a year old and was released on July 4, 2019. The two songs alone amassed over a hundred…

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