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Following two singles from the two in 2020, Moses Mosima and IHATEYOUSHEED now have a full project for the world. The first single for Absent, “Pastel,” was released at the end of February by the two Highest Basement Collective artists and features label mate Tawobi, the only feature on the project. At the end of June, “Static Shock” was released by the two, the final single to be featured on the project. The artwork for the project was done by Scratch Williams. Not long after announcing the collaborative album, it was announced that a remix of “Pastel” would be released, featuring none other than BROCKHAMPTON’s Kevin Abstract. The remix quickly made it on the radar of BROCKHAMPTON fans and is already gearing up to hit 100,000 streams on Spotify alone. While the remix was not present on Absent, it’s possible that it will be featured on either the deluxe or another…

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